June 14, 2021


Im running, why, well i don’t actually know because i saw a creepy statue and now im really freaked out because i think it moved. I don’t know but im pretty sure it did. It feels like a nightmare but at the same time not. Is this real. I don’t know. How come i can […]


I looked at the duck flying well it looked like it. I didn’t realise that they culd fly. What if i was a superhero and i could fly and fly and i was invinsible. That would be cool. But what if i was invisible, now that would be cool, or would it be scary? Would […]


The building

Is it a lighthouse or a useless building, i don’t know. But im trying to find out. Google doesn’t tell me, or my mum. So im still on the case. But i think it could be a lighthouse because of the position. But how would i know someone could be living in it. And that […]